As seen several times in the Griffin Daily news, the Henry Herald, the Atlanta Journal/Constitution, and on Henry county TV Ch. 22 “SBN”, we are the Roosevelt Railroad museum, inc., located at 3030 Teamon Rd. Griffin Georgia.

We currently operate railroad motorcar gas powered trains, with “open air” passenger cars that we can take several passengers at a time on a scenic tour with.

Here are a few notable facts about our railroad
*During his lifetime, President Franklin D. Roosevelt made more than 50 trips over our railroad while traveling between Washington, D.C. and Warm Springs, Georgia.

*On April 13, 1945, President F.D.R.’s funeral train traveled this railroad en route to Washington, D.C. and to Hyde Park, New York.

*The 101st Airborne company E “Band of Brothers” traveled over this railroad from Atlanta to complete their parachute training at Fort Benning, Georgia. This line was Southern Railway’s only route to Columbus and Fort Benning.

*There are three steam locomotives at the park site.

A. Engine #119, built for the Houston and Texas Central Railroad in April of 1892. When he left Georgia, Doc Holliday arrived in Dallas, Tx. aboard the Houston and Texas Central. Doc Holliday was born in Griffin, Georgia.

B. Engine #13, Pullman Company Atlanta shop switch engine, built in 1909.

C. Engine #1, Operated by Louisiana Cypress lumber company, Ponchatoula, Louisiana, built in 1921. This engine ran on the “floating railroad” in the cypress swamps. This engine is currently undergoing extensive renovation.

*This railroad goes through the site of Camp Stephens, which was the largest Confederate training camp in Georgia.

We are located in the northeast part of Spalding county, Georgia, at 3030 Teamon Rd. near the intersection of Bar H road (Where the 2 steam locomotives are.) Our portion of the line is about 7 miles long, starting at the famous Towaliga river trestle, and proceeding south. Current operations are currently starting near the Teamon Rd. crossing, and extending approx. 6 more miles southwest towards Griffin. We are in the process of restoring the railroad at this time.

Please feel free to contact us for further information, such as reserving a train ride or event, volunteering assistance on the railroad, etc. -And be sure to check this site often for updates!

Rail fans welcome!

Choo Choo